Evolve’s FiberPro frames are paintable and stainable. They provide superior rigidity and eliminate bothersome

squeeze out. We accomplish this by using a compression foam tape seal. This latest innovation reduces

scalloping, corner flare and warping.

Why choose Aperture Solutions?

Aperture Solutions understands the importance of material selection in the manufacturing of high-quality products, and for doorglass framing. That means choosing the right resin to prevent unwanted cracking, warping and deformation.

Material selection is driven by a combination of factors, including cost targets and performance requirements. Rigorous third party testing also assures that product performance meets design intent. Aperture Solutions frames are tested to including structural integrity, resistance to water penetration, air leakage and forced entry.

Our products not only meet this standard, but they surpass it due to state-of-the-art manufacturing. Aperture Solutions doorglass frames rival the competition, particularly patented features.


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